Very good quality Human hair and wigs

I need a whole sale supplier for wigs and human hair that is willing to supply and collect money every end of the month. I have the customer base but don't have enough to service their needs. I sell both online and in Bayelsa here, you can check my page on instagram @iyons_fashionparlour and be rest assured, you won't have any issues with payment. And if you have the money to invest with me and get 50% interest in 6months, you can also bid. Every information you need would be provided and I would make monthly payment.
My website and business registration is presently ongoing

Location: Bayelsa
Posted: 13-Nov-2017 08:10 am
Status: Open
Posted by: Ogoina Olaowei Blessing .::. Bids: 0 .::. Status: open .::. Budget: Budget from 500,000 to 1,000,000 worth of goods or cash expected